Jerry Weiss prefers to work from life, by natural light. Sittings usually last from two to four hours per session, and while every portrait is different, the standard number of sittings is usually between three and six. The total number of hours to complete a painting generally ranges from twelve to twenty.

Decisions on location and dates for portrait sittings are
reached by mutual agreement, based on the artist's and
sitter's schedules. The clothing and background are chosen
by the artist, after consultation with the sitter.

Should the artist be required to travel, costs for transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the patron. Framing costs are also to be paid by the buyer.

Portrait rates are as follows:

Head and shoulders

Half figure with hands

Three-quarter figure






Extra figures or especially complex backgrounds will
require additional time and expense.

After a commission is agreed upon, a contract is sent
to the buyer specifying the above terms. A fifty percent,
non-refundable deposit is paid before work commences, the remainder to be paid when the painting has been completed